Sunday, January 15, 2012

meet baby g.

i had a great afternoon meeting another adorable little boy.  he had the biggest and brightest eyes and the personality to match! enjoy.

baby g.

he's up to something.
pumped up kicks.

beautiful eyes.
cracked a smile.

play time.

baby blues.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

the journey begins.

and so begins my life behind the lens.  i have always loved photography.  i am not a fan of landscapes, flowers, or skyscrapers. i prefer eyes, hands, and that one moment between people that only a camera can capture. i love the challenge of movement and perfect timing. i love natural light, babies, and wind blown hair.  i decided to start this journey to share my love of capturing life with others.  my first step today was with three wonderful people.  kathleen, megan, and baby payson. a great afternoon capturing smiles, drool, and heaps and heaps of love.  enjoy.

four months wise.

home is where the heart is.
eye on the prize.

aww shucks, mom.


a taste of life.
 true love.

a touch of love.
a superstar in the making.
peace out.

big brother duds.